Our balloon adventures will take you on an unforgettable journey over rural New England to view land, water, and sky from a limitless perspective.


Endless Summer Flight

Our spring and summer package includes a breathtaking balloon flight over the hills, valleys, lakes, and rivers of New England. A truly unique experience, as no two flights are the same. After experiencing the beauty and thrills of balloon travel, you will touch down to enjoy a traditional champagne/sparkling cider toast and picnic spread.

Available April - August. $300 per person.


Fall Foliage Flight

Witness breathtaking New England fall foliage from a perspective unlike any other. Pick leaves at treetop, float among the colors, and revel in the beauty of a fleeting season. Continue the adventure with a traditional champagne/sparkling cider toast and autumnal picnic spread.

Available September - November. $350 per person.


Winter Exclusive Flight

Winter flying is a rare and surreal experience in New England. These flights are for the flexible of schedule but not the faint of heart. During these sunrise-only adventures you will experience the clarity of winter air with views of up to 6 states. Your winter adventure will conclude with a traditional champagne/sparkling cider toast and a soothing cup of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea.

Available December - March. $375 per person.

balloon intro.jpg

The Balloonist Introduction

Learn the basics and take the controls for an introduction into the world of hot air balloons. Our highly-trained instructors will guide you through the balloon flight process including an hour-long, in-air demonstration. After your lesson, you will join the pilot and crew for a traditional champagne/sparkling cider toast where you may discuss next steps for pilot certification.

Available year round. $375 per person.

Contact us to become a crew member and receive discounts on flight training.


Gift Certificate

Give the adventure of a lifetime to your friends and loved ones. Our handmade gift certificates are available for all of our adventure packages and never expire.

Available year round.