Let your adventure begin today with an unforgettable aerial experience.  Imagine gently floating over the rolling hills and valleys that can only be seen from the unique perspective of a hot air balloon. Soak in the morning sunshine, pick leaves at tree top, watch the wildlife pass below as you gently drift on the breezes of the cool morning air.

We will start our day by meeting at a predetermined location and head to the launch site where your adventure will begin. You are invited to become part of the balloon experience by participating with the crew on the setup and inflation of the balloon.

After the balloon is inflated and we have a "go for launch" we will begin our approximately 45 - 90 minute flight.  An experience that is truly breathtaking.

After the flight everyone participates in the packing of the balloon, followed by the post-flight celebration. You will be treated to the traditional champagne or sparkling cider toast and enjoy other treats.

Aloft and floating on a sea of tranquility, you will experience the spirit of flight like no other. Reserve your flight today!

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