​​​A hot air balloon that is secured to the ground by lines or ropes is called a "tethered" balloon. Tethering keeps the balloon in place and prevents it from flying away from the promotion site.

Tethering a balloon permits the pilot to lift off the ground to a variety of altitudes and return to the same spot. Without ropes or tethers a balloon will fly away in the direction of the wind. A tethered balloon may be used for the static display of banners or to carry passengers on short rides

Typical uses

  • Grand Openings
  • Sales promotions
  • Special events
  • Company Picnics
  • Private Parties
  • School functions
  • Anytime you wish to make a major visual impression
Perfect for short term promotions of three hours or less.
Appeals to all age groups and economic strata.
Creates free advertising by generating other media interest and because they are highly photographed, the photos become keepsakes making them a long term advertising instrument.
Extremely popular and memorable, it will have your guests or clients talking about it for years to come.
A very cost effective advertising medium.

​​Cost rationale
The fabric of a balloon is only serviceable for 300-400 flight hours and may cost over $30,000. A balloon is intended for flying free and not being held stationary. Tethering is hard on the equipment due to the fact that the balloon experiences wind loads while being restrained that do not occur when free flying. An hour of tethering a balloon is equivalent to 2-3 hours of regular flight time in terms of wear and tear.

Rides may be from 2-5 minutes long permitting up to 60 passengers per hour. The number of passengers is dependent upon how much wind there is, the passenger weights, and the air temperature that day. More passengers may be carried when tethering lighter passengers, when the day is cooler, and the winds are more calm.

​Tether Operations

Balloons are extremely weather dependent, especially with regard to the wind. Even a light breeze may exert several thousand pounds of force against the balloon. Think of it as a giant sail! Gusty or unpredictable wind conditions are unsafe to operate in.

If weather conditions on the day of the promotion are obviously outside our operating parameters, deposits are refundable less $25.00 if we do not leave our facility.
The deposit is considered earned if we arrive on site and standby awaiting suitable conditions.
  • Static display(banner only) $1,000 per hour
  • Passenger rides $1,500 per hour
  • Deposit to book a date $250.00 (included in the 1st hours fee after inflation)
  • .50 cents per mile travel
  • A minimum of one hour is required. $100.00 price break after the 2nd hour.
  • Banner costs are based on the detail, colors, and amount of copy. Customer banners are available from 4' X 3' for the basket to 15 X 30 feet for the balloon. We will be happy to quote a banner for you.
​​Site Suitability and ideal conditions
A minimum area of 200' X 200' clear of obstacles (power lines, light posts, trees, etc.)
Suitable terrain surface (Should be fairly level, free of debris, mud, and preferably on grass)
Vehicle access and the ability to be driven on by full size vans. Wind protection / light or calm winds (a buffered area out of the wind is best and winds less hat 6-8 mph). Early or late in the day (to take advantage of calmer winds, or just before sunset is best.) If an area is questionable or does not meet the suitability requirements, a site visit may be conducted to determine if a tether is feasible. There is a $25.00 charge per hour plus mileage for a site visit.

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​​Balloon details
80-90 feet tall while sitting on he ground and 55-65 feet in diameter with multiple eye catching colors. Altitudes range from 25-100 feet up depending upon available space and wind conditions.

All promotions are handled contractually. Contact our office for date availability and we will prepare a contract for your event. Should you have questions or wish to book a date, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you

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