Tethering brings the entire experience of balloon flight to one location. The balloon is securely anchored to the ground by ropes that limit the adventure to a height of 50-100 feet off the ground. Tethering allows us to share the adventure with about 40-60 people per hour and is an excellent attraction to any private party, public event, grand openings or anytime that you want to make a major visual impact. Tethering costs are $1,000 per hour for static display and $1,500.00 per hour for rides. A minimum of one hour is required. For more information on tethering click
Balloon Banners:
Like basket banners only much larger. a balloon banner may be 21 feet high by 21 feet long. It is very hard to ignore a colorful moving billboard in the sky. Turning vents on our balloon allow us to point your message in any direction for the greatest exposure. Your message will be seen and photographed by countless people. This makes it a long term advertising impact that will become keepsakes for years to come. The banner costs vary depending on the amount of copy, colors, and artwork. Balloon banners are custom made to fit the balloons shape and attachment points. Banner flight costs are $350.00 per flight when flown during normal ride operations.  
Please contact us for more information at (860) 464-4359 or email us at info@spiritballooning.com.
Darrel Long is an FAA certified instructor, willing to take on enthusiastic and dedicated students.  Whether you are just starting out or almost ready to take the test he will gladly help any future balloonist.
Basket Banners:
Get your company's name, logo or other advertisement placed on our balloon basket. Banners are flown during the course of our normal ride operations and are 3' X 4'. This has the potential of exposing your message to thousands. You can provide the banner or we can have one custom made for an additional fee. The cost for a basket banner is $100.00 per flight.   

Balloon rides:
The easiest way to incorporate a balloon into your business is to simply obtain our balloon ride certificates. This is a perfect way to say "thank you" to valued clients and employees alike. You may tie the rides to customers' purchase amounts or as a sales reward program. This program requires little effort on your part as you only have to establish the criteria and announce the program and hand out the certificates. We will handle all the logistics. The honoree will remember the fun they had for years to come and you will enjoy the admiration, appreciation and goodwill that can only be obtained from providing such a unique and valuable gift.

Marketing and advertising with hot air balloons:
When you see a hot air balloon floating majestically in the sky above you, take your eyes off the balloon for a moment and watch the crowd. You will notice most people are completely transfixed by the visual impact that balloons have. People stop along roadsides to take pictures and observe the beautiful balloons. Now imagine those people transfixed on your corporate logo or message.

In addition to the crowds that balloons attract, the media has a strong history of covering events where balloons are present. The free media coverage generated is often worth more than the cost of the program.

We have programs that can be built around your objectives, meeting your specific needs.

Make hot air balloons part of your promotional strategy.


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