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Spirit Ballooning LLC is based out of Northwestern Connecticut and is owned and operated by Darrel Long. Darrel is a FAA certified commercial pilot and instructor. We generally fly in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Eastern NY.

Darrel Long has been a licensed pilot since 1987 and is experienced in hot air balloon, glider, and fixed-winged aircraft. He is a member of the Balloon Federation of America, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and the Connecticut Lighter Than Air Society. Darrel and his wife took their first balloon flight in the world's only known flying lingerie museum and have never looked back! Darrel designed and built his first balloon "Spirit" in 1994. Darrel loves to share the experience of flying that can only be found in a hot air balloon.

Jordan Long was born into the ballooning lifestyle. He grew up crewing for his father. He immersed himself in ballooning over the past two summers earning his private and commercial pilot's licenses. He built his own balloon Foxtrot in the summer of 2016 and has been with Spirit Ballooning from the beginning.

Our dedicated crew is made up of family and friends.

The Balloons:
Morning Mist:
This Balloon is a 90,000 cubic foot Lindstrand Balloon capable of carrying up to 4 passengers.

This Balloon is a 70,000 cubic foot experimental homebuilt balloon. This balloon was designed and built by Darrel Long as a winter project in 1994. Spirit is capable of carrying up to 2 passengers.

Jordan built Foxtrox, a 48,000 cubic foot balloon designed by Brian Bolland in the summer of 2016. This light weight system is compact and is ready to travel.